Cartoon Network Punchtime Explosion

I noticed this game doesn't have a dedicated spot in the games section.
So has anyone got it? Enjoying it? (with friends I hope)
This game is obviously a $40 port of the 3ds version. No voice acting aside from the little blurps. The story is short and it has no online multiplayer.
Yes graphics and sound are a little bad, but now that those things that would turn most sensible people off are out of the way are you still with me?

This "Super smash brothers" clone is one of best things I have discovered since Small Arms(if you havent tried that arcade game check it out! ((it has online multiplayer!)
Being a fan of the old cartoon network characters, when I heard this was coming to 360 they had my $40.
It certainly slipped under the radar this holiday season with multiple delays and big AAA titles around it.
But I recommend it to people looking for a laugh and a party brawler. Like I stated before its far from perfect but very entertaining if you look past its shortcomings, especially if you love those old shows/ characters.

I just wish they had added Finn and Jake, Cow and Chicken, 2 Stupid Dogs, Courage, Ed,Edd, and Eddy, Space Ghost, and Tom from toonami. lol


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I seen this game at walmart the other day and it caught my eye. First think I thought was that it looked like Super Smash Bros. But I didnt figure it would be half as fun lol.

Ha cool. Sounds interesting enough but i'm sure it wouldn't have much depth to it as SSB but i'm pretty sure its directed towards kids not nostalgic Teen/Adults.

I've never heard of this game until now :s

I suggest if you want a fun romp to rent this game. Yeah it is geared more towards children, but its still fun at least if you have a few friends to co op with and want easy gamerscore lol

Watched a preview video and it looks pretty cool. May pick it up when it drops to $15. My niece/nephews and I loved SSB and they come over often... this would be fun to play with them.