Carmine Recruit and Savage Marauder party anybody???

Alright...we need 10 folks totally down for these 2 cheevos. Please, if anyone planning on this party I want in....send me an invite ASAP!!! thanks


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im down, if you find a group hit me up.

im down

Still no luck on finding a full group...but feel free to send me an invite if you do have a slot open.

Hit me up when anybody needs an extra player.

I'm game send n invite

only need 5 players in a private match for 1st game all be recruit clayton 2nd match change to maruader if ur short on people and see me online send invite will help out

send me an invite. Always down for 'chieve hunting

I'd like to do this also  - invite me.  If only everyone played as these characters all this weekend on the stay frosty fenix maps - then we'd all get the achievements no problem!

Ok...I'm back....send me an invite if ya have anything going on for these cheevos.