im really strugglin far care packs im level 50 got most my perks just i get to three kills on hardline get picked off dont get me wrong ive had them but i should be gettin well more any tips boys or girls PLEASE


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^ Listen to this wise man. It's sooo true. I struggled a lot sometimes with getting Hardline Pro and I did it every prestige all the way to 15th cause it's my favorite perk. You gotta love getting Attack Dogs after changing a care package from ammo.

    What I have found is that any particular challenge or contract I concentrate on, I do badly at. I think its just that when you are focusing on a particular challenge you have a tendancy to lose focus on your normal playstyle.

    Sometimes I'm in a hurry to get certain perks pro'd and I will go negative in almost every match. If I just equip with whatever I need, and just play and forget about it , the challenges come easier ........ maybe slower, but at less cost to my k/d and a lot less frustration.

"Don't get shot" is the only thing that comes to mind. Either that or you're just having a run of bad luck.

Map knoweldge is key.  Learn the flow of foot traffic and youll be golden.