Care Package Stealing Little Bastardo's

Having a rant

Was playing last night and called in a few care packages

1st waiting on it coming about to go get it bang shot in face by my own team mate, respawned near the CP bang shot again by the same *** (gave him the beifit of the doubt 1st time he shot me)

2nd CP called in shot again by a differnet player of my team WTF you little ****

3rd one dropped i watched the wee *** go for it so I shot him.

something needs to be done about shooting team mates for CP's


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Yeah,I recently had an argument with this French slimeball who block me in a room(core) so i had to run out of the other door,then by the time i got round he'd nicked mine.I won't repeat what i messaged him.I always notice someone hanging round trying to steal them whenever i call one in.Gamers these days only think of themselves,They dgaf about the team or anyone else.

I tend to play more HC these days over Core but I tend not to use CP's, mainly as I dont want SSRs where I may accidently kill team mates...

But the level of team work in pub lobbies is quite shameful...

  I've been using a cp in this game more than I have in the past just because I've had more luck with them than ever before.

  Only once, have I had a teammate outright steal my package. ( If I die or leave it for a few seconds I consider it fair game ) But I threw out my marker, and had a teammate trap me in the corner and try to take it with his bh. I used mine and got it first.  ....   End of story? .... NO. He didnt let me out, so I decided to throw my hk from the package straight up in the air. The ahole jumped up and spiked my hk blowing me up.

 Although it p*ssed me off being blocked in the corner, I did get a bit of a chuckle out of the spike..

That's why I do not use CP's as I play Hardcore mostly.

Try UAV, Hellfire, and Lightning strike!!

Alot of times you get the Hellfire and Lightning Strike together, so I drop the Strike, and immediately after, drop the Hellfire on what I think will be the enemy spawn, so whoever I kill with the Strike I get again with the Hellfire.

Oh boy it works a treat!!  Got my first hate mail in a LOOOONG time last night!!!  I went 32-5 on Carrier.  Heavy on perks, no lethals nor tacticals... Just me and my gun.

And my Score Streaks!!!

Yeah I've noticed this lately in HC but I've found a solution to it, atleast for me. Whenever you drop your care package toss it out of the map beyond a barrier. Now use your black hat to grab it. The only drawback to this is you can not change it if you don't like what it is but atleast it won't get stolen as easily.

Don't use Care Packages in HC unless you're playing with a team.


This community is full of tools, always will be.  So save yourself the headache and don't run that streak.

ive only started using it for shits and giggles, was using the strike and hell fire until i got the calling card for them

That's why stop using cp in core. If these idiots put as much energy as they do to earn cp rather than stealing them. They would have there own.

If your team mate shot you, you must have been playing Hardcore.  Now, if you were that is why I never use that in that gametype.  If you're playing Hardcore bring stuff you know you can use for yourself.  I agree though, people need to earn their own carepackages or scorestreaks.

i rarely run into people that steal teammates care packages but often see people fighting over the enemies. my whole thing about taking other peoples care packages is if it some high powered and the owner is not around im taking it so the enemy doesnt get it and use it against me. whenever possible i "guard" the package if some says its theirs but not if im being shot at.

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