Car upgrades and top speed

I've been trying to perform some tests on my cars in singleplayer. I have managed to get my Pegassi Vacca up to 135mph however on the legendary car website that you order the car from it says it can get up to 190mph. This was while playing as Michael. The car was fully upgraded with the best parts available. I've somehow managed to get to 213 mph in a Bullet with Franklin. Driving stats were are maxed as well. I was driving the Vacca flat out. I also tried diving the Bullet with Michael but I was unable to achieve 213mph let alone beat the record of 135mph with the Vacca playing as Michael. So I am wondering if anyone here has driven the Vacca to 190mph and if so what part were you using? I was trying to slipstream as well unless that only applies when doing the street races.


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Im pretty sure there is a big difference in the speed of cars in multiplayer and story mode. The upgrades are not as good as in multi.