Capture Points

So our Clan noticed people had CP before they had even captured a Node.....Is this possible?

I thought Capture Points are earned when your Clan captures any of the 10 nodes or locations on the Clan Wars map. Your Capture Points continue to add up as you capture more nodes and you will not lose them if you lose control of that node.

Any insight on what people have seen so far would be great.



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I ran into clan members running the ever perk hack yesterday in DOM, im sure clan wars is infected too with hacks.

Clans cheat? No way.

Yea I can not say I've seen the Every Perk hack....really I've yet to run into a Hacked lobby (Cross Fingers).

well I don't think its a hacked lobby now, but hacked accounts. Why its unnoticed as most hit X to fast to see the person who just killed them has every perk, more so  there is no way to see someone on your own team with it. Seems a bit more under cover.

Maybe they originally captured a node and someone destroyed it? Why is everyone so quick to say someone is cheating or hacking?

not defending anybody cheating but are you sure they are not using speacialist

Yup, Specialists Package rewards all or alot of perks.