CAPCOM- Avoiding DLC alltogether and just re-releasing games 1yr later

Lost Planet  = Lost Planet Extreme Condition

Resident Evil 5 = Resident Evil 5 Gold Editon

SFIV  =  Super SFIV

MvC3 =  Ultimate MvC3

DR2  =   Dead Rising 2: Off the record

SxT    =   ??????

I have SFIV and i didn't pick up SSFIV not because i didn't want to but i felt betrayed. I dont feel like earning a brand new set of 1000 achievement pts. I have put Street Fighter(X)Tekken on hold. Anyone feels this way?


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Becoues they think they need t5o be fair with people with no online services to there system.

Is fine with me.

How is that being fair to online customers. I have MvC3. Capcom is not releasing the new characters for dlc for MvC3, if you want the new characters you have to buy the new game. I feel the gaming industry as a whole is going downhill.

It could end up cheaper than buying 1200 per DLC like some charge for.

Plus full retail games drop faster in price than DLC does.

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Resident Evil 5 = Resident Evil 5 Gold Editon

[/quote]RE5 had its DLC before the Gold Edition came out.

Other DLC such as extra costumes came out shortly after the release of the Gold Edition.

If everyone waits and buys the Super/Gold/Ultimate Editions, then we can all save loads of money. How is this a bad thing?

This is Capcom we are talking about. Why does this surprise ANYONE?! O_O

P.S., I like Capcom. <3