Capaign MatchMaking - What's Your Credits Average?

Hey everyone.  Uhm, I just wanted to get aa idea how often everyone plays Campaign MatchMaking, and also a general idea how many credits do you average total, by the end of the game results?  Another thing I'm kinda wondering too is, if it's a weekly challenge, and say maybe you quit the game in the middle or by the end of the level/mission, assuming you got the challenge, do you still get those credits?  Figured I'd ask cause well, I try to pick playlists to play to rack up the most possible amount of credits I can, like Big Team Battle, which unfortunately a lot of people tend to pick the same Slayer variants/maps and rather drains the entire point with all the other options; Imo it could really use a better mix of Objective variants and less Slayer options in the mix.  I realize too FireFight seems to rack up considerable amounts of credits, or even Score Attack, which I find myself playing a lot lately for challenges along the lines of "xxx amount of kills in any game mode", which usually takes me a few games.  Anyway, please leave a reply back, post up your results.  Thanks!


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Didn't quite think of this earlier, but also when everyone posts their results, please also include your rank.  Thanks!

firefight arcade normally nets around 1k of credits on just performance and  a low slot machine. add in commendations and today's challenges, and i got over 5k Cr in one match

Major Grade 3

My rank right now is LEGEND.  I am about 74.8% of the way to Mythic.

In regard to how much I rack in a day...I work, so my normal playtime is between 5pm and 10pm (give or take, depending on what's on TV that night).  I average around 40,000CR per day.  Again, on a weekend where the wife ain't whining about spending time with her, I could hit 100,000.

Today is Friday (05-27).  I am at 785,881 of the 1,050,000 to get to Mythic.  My guess is that by Monday morning...I will be close to 900,000.  Take into account that we're going out to dinner and a movie on a Saturday...barring any power outage issues or anything unforeseen and that sounds close to being right.

I average about 1700 or more on Matchmaking games (Team Slayer)...before challenges

****** On a good game I can get 2300 or more before adding challenges.

I average about 2800-3700 per game on Firefight Arcade....before challenges

****** On a good game I can get around 3500 before challenges

Challenges help a lot.  For example, yesterday was all Firefight challenges.  In one game I ended with 5300 (which included 1 challenges for 1400).  In the next game of Firefight I got over 7000 CR (2 challenges - 1 for 1875 and 1 for 1000).

Also, commendations are a big help too.  For example, on Firefight, I need 63 sprees to go from Silver to Gold.  I'm not being exact, but my guess is that the Gold commendation there is gonna bring me around 1800CR by itself.  

To answer your question as to whether you get credit if you complete a challenge, but fail to complete the game...I don't know.  My initial thought on this would be NO, because you have to reach the end of the game for score to be recorded and added to the database.