Capabilites to Xbox360 and not only PS3.

Why do you Batman Arkham creators like the PS3 better. I have an xbox360 and i don't have more things like the Joker's challenge which is only available for PS3. Can you make some changes to that and be more prefferable to the Xbox360. Thank you. I heard that PS3 paid for the extra capabilities. Can you Microsoft connect with Batman Arkham games to bring those extra capabilites. Thanks.


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Sorry to burst your bubble but it's not going to happen. If they ever planned to release the Joker DLC to the Xbox 360, they would have done it a LONG time ago. Besides, I played the with Joker on the challenge maps and it wasn't very fun anyway. You have to walk around everywhere and you can't move that fast which sucks. I died so many times playing as the Joker.

The love has to spread! Capcom always gives 360 games extra stuff. Activision and Bethesda gave timed exclusivity with the DLC for both Call of Duty and Fallout/The Elder Scrolls respectively to Microsoft. The PS3 needs some love too every once in a while.


And yea, the Joker Challenges sucked anyway and Batman: Arkham Asylum looked better on Xbox 360 in my opinion.