Can't watch avi videos through xbox 360.

Hey all,

As of now, I can watch divx avi's through the dash board under videos, and I can watch mpegs through media center. All of these are shared through my windows Vista pc. This time, i downloaded some avi's off my camcorder and both media center and the video player will not play them, saying theres a problem with the format.

The avis play fine on the pc thought, both in media center and through windows media player.

Can someone please tell me what I am missing?




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I don't know what exactly happened with the media playback of the 360, but I used to be able to watch mp4 vids downloaded from iTunes on my Xbox, but now it just gives me errors.  

It sucks dude. I don;t know what to do now. I even downloaded the divx plus codec pack

There was a specific section to these forums for Video content, but ever since the revamped forums, I don't spend too much time browsing anymore.  So if it is still on the site, you may be able to help there.

Try to download the "Optional Media Update".

If you have already, you may need to transfer your licenses over to the new xbox, if you've got a new one, or if you had your xbox repaired.

Where is the optional update? My 360 is not new.


First a couple of things since I was a little confused.


You can't watch .avi files through Media Centre on your 360, unless you are running Windows 7. However I believe you are trying to watch through My Xbox - Videos.


If you don't already have it then you need the Optional Media Update. You should already have this if you've tried to play a .avi when connected to Live.


Are you trying to stream the content when not connected to Live? Sometime if you've swapped 360 the license for the optional media update gets messed up somehow and stops allowing you to play .avi files offline. The simple fix is to simply download it again with another account on the console.


The 360 can also be very picky on what .avi files it plays, whereas the PC is much more forgiving. A good guide by a user of the forum can be found here it pretty much has everything you need to know about streaming media to your 360.