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So yeah, I have my copy of BBC2 on it's way to my mailbox and I'm just totally stoked because I'm a huge fan of the franchise and playing the BBC2 demo so many months back showed me just how awesome the game is. Can anyone tell me how different it is to BBC1? Because I still play that quite often. And I hear that it's more team oriented than the other games?



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A huge fan of the franchise would have gotten BFBC2 on release, not over a year later.

get ready for some pain, you're way behind the curve. I would post a link to help you out but THESE FORUMS SUCK for anything.


I have never played B:BC1 but I did see a Helicopter tutorial for B:BB2 and the guy mentioned that the controls were different from B:BC1 however that one can switch to the B:BC1 control layout via the in game settings.  Anyway have fun, I enjoyed playing the demo as well but wasn't able to get the game till late Sept. of last year. :)  

Did you order the "Ultimate Edition" of B:BC2? That has access for the new maps for the game and some quick access to some unlocks you might find useful.  If not, and you're wondering if you should acquire the new maps DLC or the Vietnam Game DLC (which is not part of the ultimate edition).. I'd recommend the new maps. They're pretty cool.

However the Vietnam game is fun also and its 4 maps are interesting.  Also FYI there are other 4 outfit DLCs (I don't have those) that add the color green and some camo skin to the top unlockable weapon of a general skill class.  

Feel free to add me. I'm pretty casual and play odd hours. I play the base game ( the one with the HUD at the lower left corner) and usually join a random game. :)

The standard controls are different from BC1, but you have the option to make them the same as BC1.

There are uncapturable bases in BC2 conquest, in BC1 all the bases are capturable

In BC2 Rush, when the attackers take a base, they get back all of their tickets instead of just a handful like in BC1 gold rush.

The weapons have vertical recoil in BC2, unlike BC1

4 classes in BC2, 5 in BC1

Weapons do more damage and have smaller clips in BC2 as compared to BC2

These are the main differences.

Great thanks for the info! I got the special edition with the extra maps and stuff, which is awesome, but would have been perfect if it had come with the Vietnam aswell haha.

So yeah if anyone likes to use their mic in BC2 or 1, hit me with an invite if you like.

The game improved alot from the first.

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