Cant unlock achievement

 i have tried many times to get the If They Came To Hear Me Beg achievement, and it hasnt unlock!! am doing it on Legendary, has anyone unlocked the achievment or ideas? thanks.


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That cheev is really kind of sketchy to get. Make sure that your sprint is off after you make your leap. Also i've heard that you have to make sure that you don't hit the elite with your feet while your falling. It took me about twenty or thirty tries to get it just right.

I'm so glad I got this achievement on my second jump haha

it takes a while, but your'll get it eventually.

I was quite proud when i heard that little cheevo noise  (:

I've done it several times, just like they do it on you tube and the acheivment wont unlock for me....i've actually got good at doing it now, and yea its on legendary.

did it on normal ;P

Cool i'll keep trying 'til i get it right!  even tho i've tried many times already. lol>>>>thanks

took me lots of times to do it  oh and check this out

Awesome comic bro. Did you make that?  :D

there are several tutorial videos on youtube for this specific achievement.