Can't see my playercard during killcam ?? Why ??

I know that other people see and stuff but why is it that I can't see my own stuff during my final kill. It is really strange as it seems I am the only person that this happens to. It's not a one time thing, It never shows my card ???!!


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i notice when watching a claymore killcam, that it shows the playercard of the person who died and not the person who got the kill

For me it shows it sometimes. It's ok I get it all the time so no biggy.

   Yes ........ a terrible kick in the ego.


   Do good ............ get no recognition whatsoever in our killcam.



    Do bad ......... ...... and it shows us running around with a big red duncecap on our head that says "YOU"



    They had just as well used the word "IDIOT" on that big red dot and arrow pointed at us.

It's always been like that for the Final Kill cam. Pretty sure it was like that for MW2 as well.