Cant re-marry

i married aela the huntress, however during one of our missions together she died! couple months later i came back to the place where i last saw her and found her naked body! so i placed it on a fire  on a camp site.

point is i couldnt remarry i was told i need an inheretance letter, which i never got.


anyway with todays update i went into whiterun and there was Aela the huntress...ALIVE!!! but she doesnt recognise me as her husband. worst of all i still cant remarry!!!


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You can't re-marry in Skyrim on consoles.

That is BRUTAL....

I would reckon when she respawned she didn't want to marry you because you put her in a fire, and she spread the word of that throughout the great lands of Skyrim and now your single forever. You need to think these things through...

Haha she joined the witness protection program and is pretending she doesn't know you!

Also she wont be in Sovngarde with you either as she now belongs to Hircine Lord of The Hunt.

Sounds like a life insurance scam to me.  I think I saw a movie like this once.  She faked her death, planted the evidence and used the life insurance money to start a new life with your former best friend.  Happens all the time dude...all the time.

That's why my character married Ysolda - she's a true and loyal Nord.  Also, I won't let her out of the house.

Agrees with Lalaithion....  i dont let Ysolanda out of the house.    She might run off with Jon Battleborn... I swear thats why he's hangin around Belthor's General Goods all the time, he's watchin to catch her when she comes out.      For the longest time, i didnt even decorate the house... that way all she did was sit at the table.