Can't find Risen online game manual

Downloaded Risen from Games on demand but can't find online manual.  If you go to the Risen product page :

and click on the "see game manual" link it actually brings up the Tropico 3 game manual. Anyone know where I can find the Risen manual for the 360?   Thanks


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Dude...I looked and this is what I found.  I hope it's what you're looking for..Risen Manual If it's not, sorry.

I had the exact same problem, and thank you ChickinOnaChain, because that is the right one, though it seems to be the PC version.  Still, better than nothing.

@DeMan...I looked for that in several different sites and that was all I found.  I hope you can still use it...PC or otherwise.  And You're Welcome! 

That's why i'll never suport DD. I can't imagine RPG's ala TES without manuals. Risn is a decent RPG i hope you enjoy it.

here you can see the game manual for 360 :


search for Risen inside RPG genre, then under the ESRB rating you will find  the option to see the manual.

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Yup, I'm having the same problem. The manual link keeps directing me to the Tropico 3 game manual. I've no idea, for example, how to assign spells to buttons on the control pad. Does anybody have a link, outside of Micosoft's website, where I can get a 360 Risen *.pdf manual? I've tried Google, but it didn't find anything :(

Still looking for 360 manual myself. Still no luck. Wrote MS about bad link 2 weeks ago but it's not fixed yet . :-(