cant find or invite anyone!!!! need help

Been playing the game for the past two days i got all that is required to drop a stone to invite even invade somones world. Iv been alive and hallow killed at least boss's. me and my buddy have tried being in the same place in each others world and dropping the stones and nothing. its beyond pissing me off i see blood stains and messages all over and even phantoms but i cant join or find anyone i even drop mine all over and leave it there for hours and nothing. and im at the point in the game where i cant go much farther with out help. And i want to enjoy playing with my friends. if anyone can help please give me some info about ready to smash some controlers and i dont have many left. 


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You're a silver, that's why. Not being rude, you just won't be able to play online WITH people without gold. That's how Live works, sadly. Unless you have it on PS3, make sure you're connected and in an area people would like to invite you from, most likely next to a boss. Putting your stone way out of the way will tend to get people not caring or possibly you could simply be further than most. Maybe even a higher SL than those at that area.

lol it must have just ran out today before i got on didnt even notice ill check and see if that does the trick thankyou for the help

No worries. There are Soul Level restrictions, so make sure your friend is within...I think it was 5-10 SL of you or else you won't even see his stone, I think.

Yeah, definitely try to be within the same level range. I think demon's souls range was within 10 levels, but I haven't hear much about the range for Dark Souls. I went into one of the earlier boss fights a bit too high of a level and couldn't find a stone to summon anyone but Solaire. I have way too much fun just running around and back stabbing and TRYING to parry.

I haven't even gotten to a point where I've even thought about summoning anyone yet.  I just got past that huge demon on the bridge (crap, can't remember his name but I know it starts with a T) and past the dragon's flames to activate that second bonfire.  I've been abusing that bonfire to quickly get 300 souls by letting the dragon keep flaming the bridge and killing everyone on it.  LoL

I did get a cool sword and shield though from some sleeping dragon in some Abyss area before going where I am now though.  Of course, he killed me one hit after I picked it up but I still got it.  hahaha

Please help me in the very begining.. I can't past the first guard. I die way too quick and I do only 4 damage to him no matter what class I am

If your talking about the first boss, you are suppose to run to the right though a door, unless you picked Black Firebombs as your gift then you can kill him and get a powerful weapon drop

A weapon drop you wont be able to use till your like lvl 40 or something. lol

What's your gamertag message me! SN34KY SN1P3R