Can't find new maps First Strike and Escalation?

I've downloaded First Strike and Escalation but now I can't find the new maps.  Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong?  It shows I've downloaded them successfully but I can find them to play.


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    The maps are up in rotation when playing. I believe there is still a separate escalation playlist.

    If you are playing a private match where you can choose a map, look at the very top of the screen, there should be a tab that says dlc or something similar. It will open a new page with the new maps listed.

I know its sucks that they take away other map pack game lists away once a new one comes out.

The maps are in rotation with EVERY map and map pack for BOs within the given gamemodes.

I'm also experiencing this problem, i have the escalation pack and today black ops came out with an update and i can no longer find my escalation option tho i am still able to play call of the dead. If this is something like where they tgake away a map that weve all paid for in order to focus on new maps then thats effed up and should be addressed they make soo much money already off of these dlc's that they shouldnt be beating us out of our purchases.

to the above post: u still have the maps, u just cant play ONLY those maps online anymore - they are now mixed in with the original maps.

the reason for this is they make a new playlist of new maps everytime a map pack comes out, therfore the 'escalation' playlist has been switched to 'aniahlation'

Isn't it obvious that they made a new playlist for the new maps?

That's generally what happens

so what happened to maps like trailer park for instance?? it isn't mixed in!!!

I have another problem. I have deleted the title update 9 in order to remove patches for BO zombies, and i have also been playing on 'call of the dead' on the escalation map pack, but as soon as i deleted the title update i could no longer play call of the dead and the other multiplayer maps had vanished yet on my hard drive there is still 'Escalation [en['. Anyone know what i can do to play call of the dead again, please?

trailer park is MW2, not Blops

You can only play the DLC with the title updates