Okay I just downloaded the game off Xbox live and started playing campaign mode right away. But I noticed everything I shot at just died, not downed and since doing executions is one the highlights of the game you can see how this bummed me out. It won't do it on campaign but will on vs, me and my team can be downed but not the enemy I've tried shooting them in the legs, slowly beating them and nothing. They just die. Can someone please help? Is it a glitch? Is there a setting? Do I need to buy the game at the store? Or unlock somthing? HELP! PLEASE!?!?!

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you need the buy the game at the store

I think if you're playing on easy they just die. I don't remember didn't really like the campaign much.

I don't know how buying a game from a store would change anything. I have both the disk version and Download version and they act the same. I suppose it's a difficulty setting.

Try it on Hardcore.

Yeah I've tried it on all the difficulty settings they still just die

It sounds like you might have mature content turned off... try adjusting that and see if it helps?

Yeah I think he's right because the mature content includes executions and thats what you're doing when they go down.

No question about it.  He needs to turn on his mature content....