Cant delete game?

I'm trying to delete an installed game from my hard drive but it keeps saying that the process could not be completed or something? Anyone know how to fix this?


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Huh. I turned my xbox back on and was able to delete it this time. I wonder what happened.

Yes I am trying to delete it. I tried it like 5 times then just decided to shut off my xbox.

No offense intended but are you sure you're deleting and not attempting to move or transfer?

Clear cache and try again?

System tab. I think it is corrupted because I installed the second disc for BF3 and it didn't make the game look any better. I figured I would try reinstalling it because it prompts you when you put the game in but I cant remove it to replace it.

I've personally never heard of that issue, but I'm curious --- are you trying to delete from the Game tab of the dashboard (i.e., the very first tab) or via the System tab?