cant connect to ea server...

any one else having problems connecting to ea server. loading screen never ends and you cant go back!!!


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yeah just got home to play and im having this issue

im in now!!

They are refreshing and performing maintenance on the servers should be down for about an hour.

They report they have ceased maintenance but I still can't connect. This is getting beyond a joke. And with MW3 out next week they better get it sorted.

I tried a about 10 mins ago and no joy connecting to EA, MW3 does not interest me at the moment same as MW2 in graphics and game play which I played to death.

It's happened to me all day yesterday and so far all day today as well. The fact that you can't you can't back out of the loading screen and need to reset limits my attempts at trying, because it's just a hassle.

Get familiar with singleplayer for now. That's what I'm doing.

Hell, trying to link my gamertag to my ea account so I can use battlelog (not that I can play multiplayer) is just as much of a hassle.

Here's a video showing the error message I'm receiving.