Cant connect to Black Ops Server?

so i try to get onto black ops xbox live and it says the black ops servers are unavailable, please try again later or go to the website.  i try both... it doesn't work.  i look youtube and it seems to be an issue people have had before an they said you need to go to a local match and start a game and end and it should be okay. i tried that and it didn't work (don't know why it would...)  I know its not my internet because i can get online in other Call of Duty games... and its not the whole black ops server because my friend in my party was playing online while i was struggling. When i get invited to a game, i accept it, and instead of going to their lobby, it acts as if i just exited out of the invite menu. if anyone could tell me whats going on that would be great.


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Have you been banned for anything? They (TA) do sometimes shut down to work on things, but those are like the very very early AM hours. Reset you router, Xbox, and everything and try again. I am not sure whats up. Is your NAT strict?

nope havent been banned and i'll reset everything and try again.  i dont think its strict.

Alright i reset everything and it didnt work so i tried it again and everythings working fine :)  I dont know why this didnt work before tho...   but anyways thanks :)

You appear to have the same issue (one of them) that I am having.

I have been using port forwarding for years (same WAG54GS router) without any issues, including playing Black Ops. Until the last couple of weeks...

I get the same 'servers unavailable' message and have to change my IP setting to auto (from manual); which then gives me a strict NAT, then after a router power cycle it becomes moderate.

If I then change back to manual and power cycle again all seems well; I can turn the console off a few times and get back into MP no problem... but after a longer period elapses 'server unavailable' again.

I don't get this issue with any other game, including MW2, so I am convinced that this is a Black Ops issue not a router issue.

Also recently every few games I will get a brief 'connection interruption' which usually (not always) kicks me out the Live party. Again I haven't noticed this issue with any other game.

It is driving me nuts.

I thought I was the only one having this problem

The blackops servers have indeed been very picky lately be patient and you will connect ;)


Also make sure no one is downloading anything or that a computer on the same network does not have any malware/virus .

I solved the issue at the time (2011) by making sure my console clock was showing the same time offline and online, yes really. Someone else discovered it.

If you are using a wired router connection unplug it before turning on your console, if you are using wireless you will need to turn off the router or disable the wireless.