Cant connect at all online

Anyone else having this issue? I get booted and disconnected and 90% of the time when i finally connect its to siege of shanghia and i am the only one in the match. I can't believe this game was released like this, how did they not know these issues were present.


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EA servers recently got DDOS attacked

Couldn't connect at all last night... all night.

Yeah this issue is known and happening to pretty much everyone. The game wasn't ready to release, when the online play worked it wasn't all that stable to begin with, the game was and still is buggy, and EA pushed Dice to get the game out before CoD Ghost which may have rushed Dice into releasing an obviously not entirely stable game. 

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EA servers recently got DDOS attacked


I thought that was mostly directed at Origin and Battlelog.

Yes i read somewhere a lawsuit has been filed against EA, because they knowingly release the game and messed around with their stocks. Also, what DDOS mean?

microsoft/xbox got hacked buy some dirtbags *** called the lizard squad ,everyone is having problems playing and staying connected on bf4 as well as other games and apps ,i am hopeing xbox will not only fix this but maybe give an xtra month of live to everyone as well as 3000 microsoft points to everyone to say the least .not paying money to not be able to play or even watch utube or netflix with out getting booted off from xbox live ,playstation compensated everyone with a month of live and 3000 ps points when this lizard squad hacked them so i think xbox should should do the same or better ,just my opinion