Cant be real!

Im playing MK on the PS3 & the guy at the top of the ranking has over 3000 matches played & has only lost 79, is this even possible??  I know player matches can be fixed. Whats the top guy on Xbox's score?


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5087 wins and 1070 losers ranked matches

I played the guy ranked 7th on PS3, i'll be avoiding him from now on lol, absolutely destroyed me.

Yea some people r awesome and others bloated stats on top

They are just to quick, the have set scenarios for every situation.  I have no answer for their speed, I juat sit back & take the beatin lol.

3000 matches is crazy, I thought 200 alone was alot.

He must be hardcore, wish you could watch the top guys like you can in SSF4 if only to get some tips.

Yeah, I <3 Diago.

I don't think that's unrealistic. I'm pretty average at most fighting games and I was able to have over 2000 wins and just under 300 losses. It's the disconnects that you have to look at.

Thats some record right there.  I just thought that in rank you cant avoid who you play, so all the top players would meet & beat each other.  He must be the best of them all then or hes boosting but I don't know if thats possible in rank.  Who do you pick Capcom?