Cant access a lobby with a lot of players in GTA:ONLINE

I recently found out that Gta online is no more linked to xbox live gold subscription... I have been playing for a week or so with both my consoles ( xb1 /xb360) and i have no problems with my 360... Lobbies are almost full... But i cant say the same bout the xb1 lobbies... I get a max of 5 players , and mostly i get there solo... I got a strict NAT...  I know its not perfect but i have played before while i was a member of gold and had no problems... Can somebody help me or knows how to fix this ?

P.s: if gold was required to play gta online than why does my online character appear when i activate player switch ( holdin down on the d-pad).


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It has to do with your strict NAT, it needs to be open. Strict NAT can cause lag and just ruin online gameplay in general!

Yeah i know... But where i live ( south europe) havig an open NAT is quite expensive... Anyways i managed ti fix my problem by doing a force restart in my xbox by holding for 5-10 sec the power off button :p

I had never done that , so i guess the restart is the mystic solution to everything...

It pretty much is just that ^