Cant Accept Invites

It Started 2 Days Ago First not letting me join game invites but now i can accept party invites... if i cant connect to somebody and invite them it wont connect them.. if their the host i can join session in pogress. and if the the co-host of a lobby i can connect... and now when i go to dashboard i cant accept private chats or party invites anymore... Can somebody tell me how to fix this please... out of 50 people on my list i can connect to 2. any help would be appreciated


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Yeah try checking out your internet connection.  in the online lobby before searching for a match look on the screen and it should tell you if you Nat is open, or moderate.  Let us know.  

ok so i forgot to mention i wont over to my friends house yesterday and when i was on his router it let me connect to everybody. but his NAT is set to strict. But like a month ago i had no problem connecting to anyone until now... and id rather not set mine to a strict connection

Id like to say that your xbox is on its way to the that I mention it, when is one NOT...

Open your NAT. I only have those probs when my NAT is moderate.

My NAT is Open and i tried reseting the modem and it still does it... it did this to me when i was splaying Red Dead Redemption and eventually i just sold the game cuz it would freeze the game would freeze whenever i clicked multiplayer.. id like to play with my friends and accept invites. thanks for all your advice guys and if you could get back to me on another solution id appreciate it

This happens a lot.

Reset your modem.