cannot finish quests

I have 3 active quests that I can not finish, there are glitches, for example the " Forsworn Conspiracy" I followed everything, but when i go back to the Talos Shrine the guy is dead and the guards do not interact with me, I have waited 24 hours in the Shrine like I was told, and the third guard appears but he just ignores me

Then on the second mission for the stormcloaks, i walk into the house, and the Falker gut just follows me around and he wont stop, no idea why

is there a way to cancel single quests and start over?



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There isn't a way to cancel quests, have you tried reloading previous saves or checking out this website for help?

have you downloaded the new patches yet?  

my first playthru stalled because of a lot of broken quests.  I downloaded the most recent patch and started a new playthru - those quests work now.   the patch doesn't fix any broken quests in an active game. You would have to star anew.