Cannot download or access new Bingo game

Links all seem to point to the Windows Store, but no app appears for the new Microsoft Bingo game. Should not post it as available if it isn't. I am using Windows 8.1 (Version 6.3 Build 9600)


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It may not be available in your region (Australia I'm guessing ;p). You just have to change it.

Go to Win 8 Start Menu

Type ‘Country’

Select ‘Change your Country or Region’

Select Canada from drop-down- close menu

Then hit the link and select View in Store!

That is from the Glacier Blast (Another good Windows Xbox Game) facebook page. Its what helped me to get bingo.

Had the same problem and followed the instructions above to get it downloaded.

It's quite annoying that the app shows language as "English (United States)" yet wasn't published to the US Windows Store. Whoever published this app clearly chose the wrong target locales - this should be fixed so more people can enjoy it!

This is what we call a "soft launch"- basically it's released in test regions so the users there can give us feedback. It's not a full launch or release of the game. We are working to roll it out to other regions and when we do, you will definitely know. :) We have a Facebook page all ready for when the game is officially launched. The reason why we have this forum is for our users who are able to access it in their regions to give us feedback.