Cannot connect with Forza Motorsport . net or Servers

It just will not connect and after spending around eight hours over the past two days reviewing network settings, replacing router, bridging modem, port forwarding and speaking with two different techs from my ISP, I still cannot connect.

I've even checked with friends who do seem to be able to reach the servers for multiplayer but did not find out if they could get to the .net site.

Any ideas?

I'm about ready to make a video of the xbox one going to the rifle range to be put out of my misery.


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I'm a little unsure if your problem is connecting to the website, connecting to online FM5 server, or both.

I'm sure you've been through this with support but,

1. Can you get to other websites (i.e.,

2. Have you done a hard restart of your Xbox One?

3. Can you play other games on your Xbox One online?

Some other websites, yes like this one.

Cannot sign into yahoo.

I've done the hard restart twice.

I have not tried any other games but the online videos and blue ray player work just fine.

Checking out this page:

Let us know if that helped at all.

I get no error messages.

NAT shows open and all shows good to go under Network settings.

It is something on my network I'm thinking but what, is the mystery.

I did use my cell to look at Forza Motorsports .net but could only see the news page.

No access to the forums there either even after it prompted me and I signed in.

I'm beginning to believe I got a ban somehow but, got no notice of such and have not done any ban-able offense...

...or anything offensive for that matter.

Have you been banned in a past game?

When you log in to FM5 and try to go into multiplayer are you getting an error message?

Never been banned for anything.

No error, it just says the server is not available at this time...

...going on 2 days now.

That sucks!

It seems like you've done everything that would normally resolve a connection issue. I would try contacting Xbox Live Support - maybe they can help.

Apparently it was an issue with the new router I was trying to use even though it is the same brand only a little faster.

The Medialink 300n wireless router would not work but the Medialink 150n does.

The strange part is that the new one would block me from the Forza servers and the .net site.

Otherwise, I could surf the inerwebs and play WoT on my PC just fine.