Cannot connect to online games.

Everything else works fine but when I get in a lobby right when the game is about to start at the USNC loading screen it finishes loading that just puts me back at the press start screen with no explanation at all which is pretty messed up I hear it's happening to a lot of people.


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So i ran an ethernet cord with no luck. Im stumped...

This only happens with Halo 4. I can play other games just fine.

Any other suggestions?

I think its gonna work,

the most connectivity problems are broken cords

or weak wi-fi signals :)

I'm using the USB wifi adapter. Sometimes, when I reset my router & modem & unplug/replug the adapter, I get quite a few games in, but eventually it just stops connecting and the same problem occurs again.

Unfortunately I don't have an ethernet cord long enough from my console to my router.

I just ordered one and hopefully will report back with good news.

Do you guys got Wi-Fi or Wire?


My nat rating is set to open

Check your nat types


The same thing is happening to me. Any suggestions?

I can play but its very slow. I cannot play with any friends, it just says "You could not be added to the party queue". Then When I go to war games, find match it says "The Halo 4 servers are not available. Please try again later. Matchmaking has switched to using default playlist." I played normally earlier today and just now it started doing this.