Cannot acces DLC content with Ultimate collection?

Couldn't find this listed as a bug anywhere....I just purchased the Forza 3 Ultimate edition, and when I started it up, it prompted me to insert the second disc, and then installed the DLC packs on my HD.....

However, in game, when I try to access the "gift" dlc sample cars, they appears as locked and I am routed to the marketplace to purchase the DLC.....

Is there something I need to switch so it knows the DLC is already installed?  or do I need to redo the install or something?


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i would say reinstall the dlc, it sounds as if you did right,  you should get the prompt after starting up the first disc then you should just open your tray while its on and insert disc 2 then when all is installed you just pop the tray open and reinsert disc 1,    can i ask if you bought it new or used?    if used make sure you look at all the content on disc two and see if all but i think 1 car pack should be on the install disc{disc 2}