Cannibal cult location

I'm looking for the location of the cannibal cult that you can take people to and you get money and an achievment. The pop up appeared for me but I accidentally pressed A and it went away so I don't know the location. I am playing as Trevor and the location is not on my map so Is there anyone who can help me?

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Once again it appears I haven't paid enough attention. With the several hours of play time, there are still so many things i haven't figured out yet. Thx! I did find a compound on the side of a mountain while flying around in a helicopter. I didn't land because they started shooting at me. I don't know what that place is yet... don't tell me. I still love this game. The random encounters are the best. Have you found the two old guys assaulting the female? I won't ruin it for you, but it was funny as h3ll!

Just click on the map and hit up on the locations list to fast scroll to the should be the very last one on the list.

I heard Trevor make that reference but had know idea what he was talking about. I'll have to check out the map next time. Thx!

I forgot where it is....


But when you play as Trevor and pick up hitchhikers or other people that are eligible to be brought to the cult the map marker will appear on the map.  Some people can't be brought to them though. I picked up some chick who was in a car accident and Trevor even said in the dialogue that with her injuries the "people in the mountains" probably wouldn't want her.


So yea... when you pick up people that can be brought to the Cannibal Cult the map marker will appear for you.