CanI increase my speed?

Does DEXTERITY do it or does anything help?



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Dexterity only increases speed for spell casting and VERY little at that. No way to increase your speed unless you're under 25% of your weight burden.

I think I'm about 23% of weight burden so I'm as fast as I can be if that's the case. Do I need DEX to help out with using certain swords etc... ?

Certain swords, bows, and such, yes. But that's only a required parameter. Higher dexterity does not make you swing any sword any faster or anything.

dex increasing spell cast time? dex has nothing to do with magic...

nothing will increase swing speed with weapons, unless you cant wield it it will be way slow, each weapon has a set speed, the fastest possible roll is using the wood grain ring, you can equip up to 49% of your equip load and still roll faster than less than 25%.

goto dark souls wiki on how to find the ring.

I just got the wood grain ring and man, that thing is even better than the havel ring. Wearing stone armor and doing flips......who would have known.

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dex increasing spell cast time? dex has nothing to do with magic...


I know, which is why I was skeptical at first too. Keep in mind, it's not a huge difference at all but it's there. Watch this for proof on attacking spells.

wow, thats pretty cool to know actually. when i heard it i was just like, that sounds a bit off.

for such a small difference though probably pretty pointless.