Candy From a Baby

I need help getting this achievement. Its not that its hard, just I never have anyone on to help me. When ever I play Big Team or SWAT and the playist pops up, Im the only one voting it, plus if I do get it, im the only one trying to re-cap their flag. So anyone (preferably a group) who has any time please let me know if you could assist me. In return I'll try and help with anything you need. Send me a message on Xbox about when you might be able to help.


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There's your problem. SWAT and BTB are not good for this achievement. Play Team Objective, and you're bound to get in a few Stockpile games.

there is no stockpile in Team Objective

Odd. I got my achievement in Team Objective. Maybe they took it out when they updated the playlists last? Looks like you're out of luck then. You can get this achievement in custom games though. Although, I really don't feel that getting it that way is legitimate..

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Go into custom games, with a guest account or a friend.


Load up the gametype.


Take 2 flags to the capture point as a guest, now on your main account take the flags out and take them to your capture point, and SCORE them.


Candy From A Baby, unlocked.

Jesus Christ, can I seriously not lazy link on Safari?


Just copy and paste this link into your URL and download.


@ speedy can you do the same for some of the some of the achievements like Crackin' Skulls and Return to Sender??

Yeah, all of the Defiant achievements can be done in Custom games, long as you have a second controller. Means it takes about 10 minutes to get to 1500/1500 , and you find yourself wondering if it was worth the 10 extra bucks you shelled out.