Can't use Moogle Hunt in the full game

Anybody else having this issue? No matter what I try doing it just will not work when I press and hold the RB button.


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you dont unlock moggle hunt until a certain piont in the game

Moogle Hunt is obtain in Episode 2.

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Moogle Hunt is obtain in Episode 2.

[/quote]I know that. I'm already at episode 2 in the game. My point is, I can't use it. I even went on youtube to watch a walkthrough and they did nothing different and have full access to it just like the demo. 

Just wanted to give an update. I took a break for a bit and came back and talked to everybody again and it finally lets me use the stupid thing. There's a roaming guard outside of the ruins that gives the ability to you. 

Just leaving this here in case anybody else gets confused because of the demo :/.

oh opps i thought you ment the moggle  throw abillity - you wont get that until  you reach sunleth waterscape ( 300 AF )