Can't use Money in my Microsoft Account on Xbox 360

My xbox one and lets me use my Microsoft Account to buy games only lets me buy xbox 0ne games , when I pick an xbox 360 game or use the xbox 360 it will not show  Microsoft Account. as a payment . I was Told by xbox that the advocate team would resolve my issues in 4 days ,that was 3/4/14 its now 3/10/14.

I also reserved  xbox one with a pre-paid cc. About a week before the release of xbox one I changed the card to a new one (didn't have the money in that one).Everything was fine xbox took the money and I had my xbox on day one ,well turns out they have been trying to charge the first cc on file for $534  since xbox one release . When I call xbox they tell me that because it was an xbox one pre order Microsoft has to take care of it ,so they switch me over to Microsoft I tell them what xbox told me. They act like they know what i'm talking about  they say no problem and switch me back to xbox  then xbox switches me back to Microsoft I tell them the story and don't switch me to xbox and what do they do , so I play tag till I get to mad and just hang up and try later . 

last problem got email stating that I will get token for free killer instinct download. Before the release of xbox one I changed  Microsoft Account email so I never got the code for token. when I call xbox they say they don't see anything on my new email and when I give the old email they say they can see the name but they cant pull up info on the account ...

I just fell like for someone that had this name Master Roshi X since 2004  and king piccolo and another since xbox live first started they could try to help out a little better and get on same page ...I'm not a happy customer ever since the xbox one came out nothing but problems


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