Can't turn off in game music during multiplayer?? Really??

When I play Ghosts multiplayer, It's like I am stuck in some horrible dream. In this dream, I am surrounded on all sides by enemies and they are closing in on me. Thankfully, my hearing is pinpoint and I can hear exactly where they are all coming from (thank you Tritton). Then, at the moment I am ready to make my moves and decimate the entire enemy team, BAM! The COD score (music) starts to scream in my ears making it impossible to still know where I need to look first. So I sit down and wait for the terrible music to stop and pray that I don't die before then. Seriously, what genius decided that it is a good idea to pump game music during multiplayer? Honestly, it makes me think that the devs don't play their own games before final release half the time. This is a no brainer fix. Maybe that is the problem.    


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That's a problem I have too. Oohhh let me run dead silence and amplify so I can be stealthy and then comes some god awful music that I really don't wanna here!!! Can't tell you how many times that damn music starts playing when I don't need it too and there's someone close...Really??

But I don't sweat it...This is the "LAST" game I buy made by IW, Activision for the fact that they lied. "dedicated servers on all platforms"...just a ploy to get the money and they did, plus the music, some of my stats won't change, " I get for preferred weapon" is my combat knife --- never used it, but yet it's my preferred weapon, some sort of glitch, looks like it's permanent. My character I got with the pre order --Riley--Just up and disappeared yesterday. Activision said they would fix it on "their" end, more or less when they "get the chance to look at my account", pretty sure that's not gonna happen..I'm hoping that IW and Activision won't get to make another game in the series. I'm hoping they stick with Treyarch..If not, I'm done with this series....

I don't recall ever hearing game music during multiplayer... towards the end of the round a bit, maybe... never at any real volume...

You must not be playing Ghosts then, cause it's there all the freaking time seems like....

yeah, go try another match and listen. It is in every match and drowns out the sound of enemy footsteps. More so at the end of a match when it is the most tense. You probably don't use headphones if you are not noticing it.

No, I don't use headphones... and to be honest I usually play when my wife is asleep so I keep the game volume fairly low anyway... but when I can play during the day I put the volume at a decent level and still barely hear any music... it may be your headphones mixing it in with game audio poorly...

Its blatant, specifically toward the end of a round.  Not good in search or any other time for that matter.  If I were you GHG I would get a headset and modify your mic wire to fit it (if you use a mic, dont wanna wake the missus up talking too loud!).  You dont know what your missing till you play with one and run the relevant perks (dead silence, amplify).

That's awful.


How are you supposed to camp effectively if you can't here the guy coming around the corner?

*hear.  Please spell correctly if you plan on trolling.  It's not good for clutch situations at the end of a round of search.  For a start you can't hear them disarming or planting if you are in the bombs vicinity.  Secondly, with a good headset it has nothing to do with camping, you can hear where enemy players are moving on the other side of walls and it increases your overall immediate awareness.  I play a LOT of domination (top 10k on the One) and my K.D. is 0.776.  I do not camp as it bores me senseless and it infuriates me when people come into domination and get 45-50 kills and no caps.  However the music toward the end of each game is terrible!

I just started turning the music off in Black ops 2, and it makes a world a difference what you can hear in game.  It was the first thing I went to do when I turned on Ghost, and BAM, wasn't there.  Very frustrating.  

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*hear.  Please spell correctly if you plan on trolling.



Just in case it isn't poor spelling... :-)

  • You’re     You Are.
  • Your       It belongs to you.
  • They’re    They are.
  • Their      A Place.
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  • Than       A method of comparison.
  • Two        The number 2.
  • To         Indicates motion.
  • Too        Also or excessively.
  • Hear       Something the ears do.
  • Here       Where you are.

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