Can't stop running.

They really need to open up these maps a bit.  I feel like you need to be constantly running or your going to get a bullett in the back.  I'm not looking to cater to snipers, but dang I feel like a rat in a maze.  It would be cool to strafe into a large open area and have more strategy options in using the environment. Maybe I'm just clausterphobic, but you can tell how closed off these maps are because I've never been spawn killed this much in other COD games.  Just sayin.


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I've never been spawn killed once in MW3. BO is a different story.

Yep i agree you cant stop for 5 seconds without getting shot i i did as much running in real life as i did in mw3 i wouldnt be so fat lol


I'm with you there ShuStorm. After playing BF3, this makes you feel as if you're constantly going in circles. There's not much time to pause, because there's normally someone spawning in your vicinity. Not a bad game, but eventually you get tired of the same roundabouts. This is speaking from TDM point of view by the way. Yes, I know I can try another mode like S&D or something like it, but I'm just pointing out my perspective.