Can't Solve Riddle HELP

Hey all there is one Riddle down the way from the courthouse. it is a half question mark and it say that you have to be at the right advantage point to solve the riddle. So I lined up up the half question mark and the dot on the question mark and nothing. I tried hanging up side down and nothing please help.


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It's most likely not aligned properly. The game should inform you whether it's misaligned/partially solved or not. But it sounds like it's the one of the two you may have to be gliding for.

ok thank you

The picture I found shows that you need to be on the ground, so it has nothing to do with gliding.
Here is the picture I found of what I'm looking for.

It's not one of the question mark alignment things, it's one of the puzzles where you need to do an environment scan to identify a picture of object.

Erm....LostSoul 301281, that's the riddle for figuring out "The Hole story about Black Mask's escape. The one DarkKnight DCUx is talking about is the one by the courthouse Two-Face was in. Your image is from the Steel Mill/lIndustrial Area.

He even says it's a question mark alignment riddle. What are you on about¿

I am trying to figure that one out as well. It is like I need to get just a little further out and higher to line it up. Of course, that is my opinion as I sit on the flag pole sticking out the roof of the court house. Not high enough and not far enough out.

@TheeRainman I figured it out. I was on the flag pole on the courthouse but I was turned sidways on the pole and then went into detective mode. Then scanned the Riddler syembol.

@ BKVegeta: I thought this was my thread when I posted, lol

Similar title.

Damn, I don't know where my thread went then.

But yeah, I'm having trouble with the riddle that I posted about there.

Any help?

I'll look for your riddle and answer it when I find it.