Can't select weight class in career mode anymore...

For my first career mode fighter I made a lightweight. Went through the career and retired him. Then I went to start a new career and make a new fighter and all it would let me make is a welterweight. Checked out the regular "create a fighter" and I could select different weights in there, but it won't let me change weight class in career mode. Any ideas?? Haven't been able to play online since I'm changing service providers, but I don't see how that would make this happen.


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Did it on me on my 4th career Caf, the only i got around it was to make a new save on a different mem/hard drive, THQ are aware of it but haven't responded as of yet.

Dont know if there fixing it in the up coming patch that's rumoured.

The only fix I've found is to restart your xbox.

I have a little different problem. I selected a LW and when I started it put me in WW. I thought maybe it was my mistake so I restarted making sure I picked LW and when I started I was WW yet again. So I just played through WW and then dropped to LW.