Can't remeber how to get the GNR quest started.

I wan't to get the GMR dish up and working and have forgot how to do it. I did go to wiki but
I'm still lost.

I got my Dad to the Jefferson Memorial with Dr Lee, and he blew up the computer system with some Enclave guys and himself. I dont even remember this happining the first play through. Can anyone set me on the right path? Not sure if it matters but I'm playing on P.C.




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for the GNR Dish you have to go inside of the Washington Monument and take the elevator up, go to machine and press on it it should say replace damage dish. for the enclave part well is it the one with the enclave president, then he should get the hell out of there.


Find the Museum of Technology, go through building, find the lunar landing, which is bottom of museum, once you get lunar dish, find Washington Monument, take elevator to top where you'll get prompted to place dish, do so, then find Three Dog for reward. If you haven't found Three Dog, find him, tell him you found your dad, then begin quest. Telling him you found your dad causes Three Dog to offer up some stash.


Yeah that sounds like you are, I'd say a little more then half way through game, possibly about 75% completed as far as main storyline is concerned.

To start it you have to talk too Three Dog at the Galaxy New Radio station.  he'll tell you to go to the Museam of Tecnology and take the dish off the Virgel II lunar lander.  After you aquire it head to the Washington Memorial and take the elevator to the top and attach it there.