Can't Push Zombies Off

I'm encountering random issues where a zombie will jump and latch onto me, but no matter how much I push the X, A, B, and Y buttons, I can't push the zombie off me. Has anyone else encountered this? Anyone have a solution?

Also, Kinect doesn't seem to work very well with the gestures and pushing zombies off.


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I simply move the controller forward.  Sort of like just flicking your wrist forward.  

Using kinect to push the controller forward has worked incredibly well for me 99% of the time - I was very impressed because I sit in a computer chair with my feet up on a stool, facing the TV. It had no problems working with Kinect. There are times when I leave the room and come back, and it will not detect my movements but I switch it to buttons then back to kinect and iti works again.


If it's not working at all even with button presses, there's something very wrong. Do the buttons ever not work in other games, or even the dashboard? Are you playing wired or wireless?


Sometimes in Dead Rising 3 you need to just press the button once, but sometimes you're required to tap it a few times - it's hard to know which to do, so try tapping the button quickly rather than just pressing it once.

At first I just waved my hand at the tv, and that got the grappling zombies off, but I got tired of that quickly.  Still tho I was impressed because I wasn't over exaggerating the wave, just doing a slight hand wave and the kinect picked up on it.  I use the controller now, and have not had any issues.

Like the others have said the Kinect motion works really well. I just push my controller forward, as if I was pushing a zombie away. I believe there is an option in the settings to turn off the Kinect motion.

Thanks for the replies. Unfortunately, the Kinect was not registering my movements during the times that I couldn't push zombies off. It seems to be working fine now, though, so we'll see.

I would think it is not so much a Kinect thing as much as just flicking the controller since that can read movement as well.

The only game I can think of that made A LOT of use of moving the controller around was PS3's HEAVY RAIN.