Can't Progress due to Random Freeze in Act IV(Inferno)

I beaten this game up until the second rift in Act IV(Inferno). Every time I have entered that rift on Inferno mode, while I was making my way to the next checkpoint, the game decides to freeze on me during combat. I don't know how or why this happens, but I can't get my Diablo Inferno achievement if this problem persists. Has anyone else experienced this? Playing as a L60 P4 wizard on Hard difficulty. Not sure if that has anything to do with the freeze I'm getting, but this happened every time I started up Diablo 3.


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***Glitch Bypassed***

Apologies on this. I discovered about an hour later that I had too many game play check-boxes active. Normally I have all but tips, and a few others at the bottom unchecked. HP bars and number counters for all monsters/players all active froze the game, due to lack of sufficient memory to buffer everything properly on-screen along with a monster kill chain and monsters killed with one blow chain as well as the amount of monsters total in the area/room/dungeon currently loaded. I took off all of the number counter pop-ups except for healing and critical counters, as well as removed 'Dodge' and 'Blocked' messages. This fixed the problem tremendously. Never had any freezing occurrences ever since I did this. However I do love seeing the amount of damage I do deal to other enemies and if I inflicted or missed a status effect attack on an enemy. I would like this bug to be fixed however.

***Another Freezing Problem***

However there's another instance when my friend also had his Xbox freeze on him too. It's so far only when he attempts to look through my equipped weapons and view-able stats. I have no idea what is causing it on his end or if it's the fact I downloaded the game via marketplace and he owns it through the disc. Though there wasn't much room to see the actual problem as he mentioned his disc is unscathed/near mint, as well is his xbox. This instance happened a few times in a row and we stopped playing together for a while, at least on Diablo 3.

see the official blizzard forum for Diablo 3 support issues.

i will say that this seems to be a common problem and it's why i stopped playing the game.

i came here to see if there was any recent news but i see that the game is still broken.

i do like your suggestion to turn every extra feature off and to do everything you can to help on memory performance.


Hello everyone  :)


Acts 3 and 4 still crashes even with everything off (except Elective Mode, Show Loot Icons On Drop, and Show Advanced Tips) because there is way too much stuff going on in the environment (thus the dreaded "out of synch disc skipping noise followed by the game freeze that locks your console; forcing you to turn off your Xbox) for 512 MB of RAM to handle (sorry, just being honest here).  I have lost many Legendaries as a result of this and by my estimates, the Act 3 and 4 freezing issue happens about 10% of the time.  I have never had this issue on Acts 1 and 2; which I would say is directly linked to the fact that there isn't a lot of stuff going on in their environments.  I have a really bad feeling (I hope that I'm wrong on this one) that when Reaper Of Souls comes out for the Xbox 360 that Act 5 will suffer from the same issues as Acts 3 and 4.


I'm not really that great with computers / computer programming, but as a gamer I think that if Blizzard locks the maximum resolution to 720p only and completely disabling ALL of the environmental stuff (example: the winged demon things picking up soldiers in Acts 3 and 4, etc...) with a " Patch Update " that Diablo 3 for the Xbox 360 is going to be crash free.


Have a nice day or afternoon or night everyone  :)

I get this randomly. (Happened twice over the weekend) Its not every time but often enough to frustrate me. As for why its happening i dont know. But it's the same rift for me, the 2nd one. I'll look into this on other forum sites and share any information i find on why this is happening. It never become a bad problem because it only ever happens when im playing with my roommate so I just jump back into his game

Hello "Rodistair"  :)

I always go back to the Keep and change my banner to trigger the auto-save before going into any rift because they are prone to crashing.

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Well at least I'm not the only one it was act 4 shortly after entering the second rift. It's still discouraging though I was actually getting a little excited up about making it the end.  

Hello "CloakedMalice"  :)

I know how you feel because when I run through Acts 3 and 4, I hope and pray that I don't get that freezing / console lock out crash because that means that I need to turn my system off.  Although it doesn't happend often, it does so frequently enough to the point that sometimes I will not play on Act 3 and Act 4 just to avoid these issue.  When I do decide to play Acts 3 and 4, I do so with constantly running back to change my banner to trigger the auto-save when a Legendary drops / before I enter a rift (which quite honestly, is really annoying).  But none the less, I love this game  :)

Have a nice day or afternoon or night  :)