Can't play with friends!!!.....

My buddy just got the game and I can't join his games and vice versa....I noticed on his main screen he hasn't activated his battlelog yet, could that have anything to do with it?

Also, when he tries to sign into battlelog/Origin it says the username and/or password is wrong. Pretty sure he has to use his email that is tied to the Xbox. 

I can't even look at the games he's in, he gave me the server number and the room I saw was completely different...

I think he has to call Xbox support and get his email and password from them.


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He has to use his EA email address not Xbox.

yeah he tried that, but it still comes up incorrect.

Then he needs to call EA support.

"it's never been this easy to play with friends"

Seems he can only play Core. None of the Hardcore servers pop up....

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"it's never been this easy to play with friends"

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