Can't play more than 3 races without getting bounced back to dashboard

This is starting to get seriously irritating...anyone else experiencing this?

Any help avoiding this would be greatly appreciated - it is really ruining my experience here.


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This whole ''back to dashboard'' scenario is beginning to make me wonder.  I mostly play BF4 and this happens periodically so I thought this was EA/DICE related but then as I play other games, AC4, Peggle 2, HALO, I have experienced it there too.  Hasn't happened to me in Forza but I am sure it will.  MS needs to, if not already, look into this.  Someone said somewhere, can't remember, but if you change your power setting to Energy Saving, it will minimize this from happening.  Haven't had enough time to try this yet but worth a shot I suppose!

when is the last time you rebooted your Xbox? With an always on system it's similar to a phone, you end up with a bunch of apps running in the background, run out of memory and when you try to play a game or something that requires a lot of system resources it crashes. If you power the xbox off fully when this happens it usually remedies the problem. I power mine off fully like once a week and don't have any problems but I have had this happen to me before I started doing that.