Can't play certain online missions

Not sure if this has been posted before, apologies if it has, but does anyone else have an issue where you can't host certain online missions?

I'm mid-40s rank but there are missions unlocked in mid-20s that are not in my missions list for me to host. Can't remember the missions name but one mission is the one where you need to go to the Fort to destroy 3 lazers and steal a cargobob.

I tried bookmarking some missions that I drop into with someone else hosting and I can't host, but I don't have the option to do that either.

Any ideas?


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It sounds as though you are going Online --> Jobs --> Host --> Missions and are unable to find it.


The game refers to two things as Missions: the missions you get from your contacts (actual missions) or a strange Deathmatch gametype featuring a few teams.


You cannot Host a contact's mission without having been sent it from them randomly or dialing them to Request a Job, so you won't find any in the Host Job section.

I see, thanks for the info.