Can't log in for multiplayer

Hello ladies and gents,

This is my first post. I used the occasion of Dark Souls' launch to finally convince my wife to let be buy a console (yeah !). I'm really enjoying the game so far but, for some reason, the game doesn't seem to want to start on-line. Every time I launch it, I get a message about my multiplayer privileges not being active, or something like that, and then the game tells me it's launching in off-line mode. Still a great game but I feel I'm missing out on a very innovative part of Dark Souls. Obviously, I'm signed in Xbox Live and Live does recognize my Achievements, so it doesn't seem to be a connectivity problem. Any clues ? If it makes any difference, I live in Greece


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Well, according to your profile, you have a silver account. That's why you can't play or interact online. To view, write, rate messages, summon or be summoned to help, see ghosts and bloodstains, you require a gold account.

Ah, I see.... Disappointing :(

Yeah, not that fun, but it's how Microsoft handles Live.

I've looked at buying Gold now but I have to give an address in the US. I live in Greece so I was looking at changing regions. However, it looks like if I do that I'll have to view Live in the Greek alphabet, which I most definitely don't want to do. Any way I can migrate my account to Greece and keep eveything in English ?

I honestly have no idea. It's best to visit the support page and ask. Maybe here.

Ok, thanks a lot RT. Just posted the question there.