Can't Install Majong

I have been trying for over a week to reinstall Majong, but when I try I get the message that Majong could not install. I then get the error message  0x80073d0. What is the problem and how do I solve it? Incidentally, I'm running Windows 8. Thank you for any help


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Hello HoraryCat67,

I am sorry to hear that you are having trouble installing the game.  Let's try a refresh of Windows App Store just to make certain that there's enough memory there for the game to install.  On your Start screen, type Windows Key +R, which will open the Run dialog box.  Once the box opens, type wsreset.exe and hit Ok.  After wsreset.exe has finished running, try to install the game once again.

Please let me know if you receive the same error or run into a different issue once the Windows Store has been refreshed.  Thank you,

Hi Corey. I did what you suggested, but I still can't install Mahjong. I now get error code 0x80246007.  

Hello again HoraryCat67,

I am sorry to hear that didn't work out the way we hoped.  A lot of times a game (or the content for a game) won't download because there's an update for Windows that got "stuck" somewhere. Let's try these steps!

1.Press the Windows key

2.Type in Windows Update

3.Under the search bar you see on the right, choose Check for Updates

4.In the Windows Update screen, press the Check Now button

5.Even if it doesn't seem to find any updates, click on View Details

6.Install any updates you see that haven't been installed- including optional ones

7.Restart using the restart option from the shut down menu.

Just to make sure that your downloads themselves aren't stuck in the store, we'll try the refresh again:

1.Press Windows Key + R

2.In the box, type wsreset.exe  and press Enter

3.This will relaunch the Windows Store

4.Hover over the right-hand side to bring up the charm bar

5.Choose Settings

6.Choose App Updates

7.Choose Sync licenses

Please let me know if there were any updates hiding.  Thanks again,

Well Corey, I tried everything you suggested and I still can't install Mahjong. I still get error code 0x80246007.

Hi again,

I did some research on this error and it looks like a write error, so the first thing we need to do is completely restart your computer via the Shutdown menu.  We need to do this to clear your Windows cache.  After your system restarts make certain the Windows Store app automatically logs you in.  Then, try once again to install the game.  Let me know how it goes.

Thanks again,

Me again. I shut my computer down every evening, so I doubt if that will solve the problem. However, I shut down the computer using the shutdown menu in the Charms bar just to be sure,. I now get the error code 0x80073d05.

Hi again...ok, let's try something completely different.  I would like for you to try and install Shuffle Party - we've built in some special error codes into this game and I'm hoping it will help us narrow down what's going on.  Thanks again and I hope you have a great weekend.

Hi Corey. I plan on having a good weekend. Now, down to business. I was able to successfully install Shuffle Party with no problems and the game plays flawlessly. In fact, I rather enjoy playing the game.

Just jumping in here to help MonsieurV3rt.  It appears based on the errors you've received, and the fact that Shuffle Party didn't return any errors, that this appears to be an issue with how your Windows is handling certain types of files. This explains why none of our fixes have worked either and why it appears to be an issue only with specific apps. As much as I hate to do this, at this point you'll need to contact the experts over at Windows support as this is outside our area of expertise. We will do whatever we can to help you with your games but when it's a deeper issue involving the operating system, they're really the best people to contact. You can reach them at  Once again, we're really sorry we can't help you any further but when it comes to issues outside of our games it's best to send you to people who can help get them resolved more expediently.  Thanks! :)