Can't hear other players. :(

I played some great rounds in PvZ Garden Warfare today, but for some reason during the entire experience, I could see the speaker symbol going off on-screen and on the scoreboard to indicate that people were talking, but I could not hear them. At the time, I was not in a party and did not have 1 running. I was using the standard Xbox One headset and could talk to others, but could not hear them. Is this a glitch with the game that I haven't been aware of or is it an update issue with the console? I haven't tried it with other games yet to find out. Regardless of which it is, have you experienced this and are the developers aware of the issue? Is there a work-around fix that you guys might know about?


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Hmmm I know this was a issue when the game first launched but last I heard it was fixed with the March update (I could be mistaken). I RARELY do game chat (I'll like you why at the end lol) but the one time I did use it, believe me I heard someone just fine.

So yeah, This is what the guy was singing smh and made it the last time I'll use game chat lol

Game chat in PvZ hasn't worked (completely) for me yet.  Most of the time, when it DOES work, I only have two or three non-english speaking children to listen to.  In fact, it works less often after the March update (which did not make changes to game chat; only party chat).

From my understanding, game chat is the responsibility of the publlisher, which is XBL's way of saying 'not our problem'.  I'm curious if this is some undocumented bandwidth conservation measure, with no 'Due to network connectivity issues, game chat may not be available' message. (See WSOP: FHP)  Regardless, there are many threads on this subject, but no love.

I have the same issue. The chat is still not working on my end either. I am still waiting for a forum poster to find a fix. Some said earlier on that if you restarted your system it worked. Others said it didn't. I guess it is a crap shoot for now as to whether or not it will work on your end.

I get chat sometimes, then if I swap team that definitely stuffs it up and most of the time it just doesn't work as standard lol

I have the same problem. I can see 3 lines beside someone's speaker which means they are speaking but I cannot hear it.

I restarted my X1, the problem seemed to be solved but it happened again. It's kind of annoying because someone may be speaking to you, but you can't hear them (mostly some kids making noise)!

Opposite problem here: i have to mute all people of my team cause i'am bored of dogs barking, cats meowing, babies crying, people talking strange languages or trying to explain game mechanics to a friend who usually understand nothing. Then there are those who shout all time, sing songs, listen to music. Sunday morning i clearly heard church bells ringing.


Thanks kinect!

Same here. I can tell that people are talking, but their audio is not broadcasting. In lobby or in game, I might hear a few, maybe 3 or 4 players, but never all of them. It's obvious they are talking. I see the symbols, indicating they're talking, but hear nothing for MOST of the other players.

They don't hear me either, though the symbol appears on the screen to show that I'm talking.

I can only talk to people in party. The headset works. When I use it in parties, everyone hears me and I hear them. But game chat just doesn't work. I don't know yet if it's just this game or every multiplayer game... But I've tried with MS Xbox support and EA support to fix it--spent 4 hours with them on it just this week, to no avail. No one knows why it won't work and no one has come up with a solution yet.

For me, it's every time I play... just the Xbox One version. (I played the 360 version and it all worked fine.) EA was no help at all. It seems to be a widespread problem, too, everyone I've played with has had some sort of game chat issue. No one is taking responsibility for any of it and I'm getting frustrated.

I'm having the same issues in bf4. My nat is open and a week ago it worked fine with my tb xp500, now I can't hear anyone but they can hear me. I've tried deleting my acc and reinstalling, then re-signed in a few times after problem persisted. Then I messed around with the kinect mic ( turning it on and off), then checked my share setting. I've been having problems with chat since day 1 launch.

I am having the same issue I thought my mic might be defected but I tested it in xbox party mode and it works just fine I have played advanced warfare zombies it works just fine its only in this game so annoying.