Can't get into Markarth

For some reason, when ever I fast travel to Markarth the game freezes. I've tried traveling to Markarth on foot but when ever I get near it the game freezes like there's a barrier around it. Is anybody experiencing this?


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I did a long time ago. Bad memory. I almost quit.

My problem turned out to be the save file size and right after a patch there was to much corruption. I started all over again and it's doing much better this time. I now have a 10mb file save and I have my fingers crossed. My game glitched out and became unplayable with a file save size of 15mb. If any of this sounds familiar to you? You may just have to bite the bullet, or do the reload save file after the game starts trick.

I guess I'll try the reload save file thing. I'm pretty far into the game and having to start all over again would suck.

It does! I think I did one of those "I'm not happy" threads a couple months ago because of it. If you got the Dawngaurd DLC, and a large file saved, I would suggest getting right on a new character. My problem came up like 2 days after 1.6 came out. I had just started the Civil War quests when everything went haywire. I couldn't get into Markarth or the DB sanctuary near Falkreath. Then even leaving Riften would start a Dragon attack that would crash everytime. My whole game basically went down the tubes. I couldn't get from Whiterun main gate to the stables and it would lock up. I had an extreme amount of time involved on one character and lost it all.

I remember another Bethesda Game that I did the re-load trick and saved like 5 times while deleting the old ones and it finally fixed itself. I wish you all the luck.

The good part is that I'm back up to level 54 and not one problem yet.

I'm having the same problem with Bilereach (not sure if thats right) Mine. Everytime I enter the mine the game just freezes. I would be pretty upset if it did that to a whole town.