Can't get IMC elite achievement.

I won every game I played until the last campaign. I lost but immediately replayed as IMC and played the entire match winning by over 150 points. Still says I have 88%. I've now replayed the entire IMC campaign, winning all of them, and still no progress. What to do? (29 and 3 w/l for my games, so I know I've completed it) should I just accept that I won't get it?


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No i played through and was convinced i won every game as the IMC and Milita but on both of them i had not completed the second level try that a few friends it was also the second level not sure why??

So I went back today, went to the one level I lost on (Made Men). Replayed it and received the achievement. After playing it and winning 4 more times yesterday. Gosh, what a lovely and totally non bugged system.